Office FAQ

Maternity care and contraception patients, please call the office, you do not require a referral.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept new family practice patients at this time.


When booking, please let the staff member know the topic of the appointment so that you are booked an appropriate appointment length. This helps to keep everyone on time. Please note that each appointment has a limited time and if you have several issues, it may not be possible to address them all at one time. Always start with the issue that is most important to you!


Same-Day Appointments

We do not have a walk-in clinic, however, rapid access appointments (to be seen the same day) are available as of 9:00 am, and are designed to attend to urgent health issues.

Same-day appointments are booked with physicians who are on-call for obstetrics at the hospital, and these might be cancelled at short notice if the doctor is called in urgently. You will be informed when booking if your physician is on-call that day.

Front staff make every attempt to problem-solve with you. They triage the demands on physician time and will aim to meet your needs.


Medication Refills

Please note that the doctors do not refill your prescriptions by phone or fax, except in exceptional circumstances. Please book an appointment with your doctor four (4) weeks before you are due to run out. The College of Physicians and Surgeons expect that physicians will see a patient and reassess the condition requiring that prescription.

A note can be faxed from your pharmacy if there is a problem with a prescription and we try to get that sorted without an additional visit.

Scent-Free Clinic

Lexitor Medical is a scent-free space. Please do not wear perfumes or colognes to the office as it can severely impact other patients and staff.


Cancellation Policy and Late Arrivals

24-hour cancellation notice is required, otherwise, there will be a charge for missed appointments. $35 for regular appointments and $70 for long appointments (first prenatal, mental health counselling). We have many missed appointments every day and improving this will improve access to appointments with our doctors, that is why we use missed appointment fees.

Please note that if you are arriving late for your appointment it will be at the doctor’s discretion if they will be able to fit you in that day or need to rebook.


What If My Doctor Is Late?

Unfortunately in health care, urgent and unexpected matters arise. A 10-minute appointment can run late if a patient is in crisis or if we unexpectedly have to deliver serious news to someone. These are the most common reasons for running late, and we hope that you will understand. We will be happy to rebook you if the wait time is unacceptable to you.


Phone Consultations

In general, a face-to-face appointment is best for a comprehensive assessment, but a phone consultation can happen at the discretion of your doctor.


Uninsured Services

Not everything is covered by MSP. Please note that sick letters, forms, and driver’s medical exams are often not covered by MSP and are private-pay services. We use the Doctors of BC recommended fee guide.